Tales from Plexis

The anthology TALES FROM PLEXIS has just been published. These are stories set in and around Julie E. Czerneda’s Clan Chronicles books. My story “The Restaurant Trade” is included, and I’m thrilled and delighted to have a story in this fabulous book. Julie Czerneda and DAW were a joy to work with.



Martian Magazine

Pleased to say I have sold a drabble (a story told in exactly 100 words) to Martian Magazine. This was a fun little thing to do and I look forward to seeing it published there.

If you are so inclined, you can help to fund Martian through its current indiegogo campaign. This will not affect whether or not my story is published, but might affect how many more stories Martian is able to buy and how quickly they are published.

EDIT: Martian Magazine is no longer publishing new work, and will not now be publishing my drabble.

Tales from Plexis

I’ve been sitting on this news for a little while. I’m delighted to say my story “The Restaurant Trade” will be published in the forthcoming anthology, TALES FROM PLEXIS. These are stories set in and around Julie E. Czerneda’s Clan Chronicles books. It is a real pleasure to contribute to this. I’m greatly looking forward to reading all the stories when the book is published, which is scheduled for late 2018, from DAW.

Time for Cakes and Ale

Last weekend I was a guest on the Time for Cakes and Ale podcast, episode 15, chatting about short fiction in the science fiction and fantasy genre. We also talked about my own writing, and the shortlisted stories for the BSFA Award. The episode is online now. Much thanks to Eeson and Becks for inviting me on. 😀

2015 Writing Summary

I had three key publishing events during 2015. The anthology I edited, The World and the Stars, came out in April.

The paperback edition of my novella The Flight of the Ravens was published in August.

I also published a novelette, The Deep of Winter, in Interzone magazine. This is the latest in the “spores” series.

If you’re wondering what to do with your Christmas gift vouchers, any of the above would make fine choices. 🙂

I’ve been stepping up the pace, with a lot of new work written during 2015. In September I returned to the Milford writing workshop after a gap of four years, and received very positive feedback on the novel I am currently writing. Right now I have another novel and a few short stories submitted to various potential publishers. I feel very positive and rejuvenated as a writer, and I can’t wait to see what develops during 2016.




The Deep of Winter

A few positive comments on my story “The Deep of Winter” and Interzone #259 generally have appeared around the web:


The print version is available direct from TTA Press. The ebook is available widely, and from many sellers this particular issue has a lower than usual price, eg just £1.99 on amazon UK.