Tales from Plexis

The anthology TALES FROM PLEXIS has just been published. These are stories set in and around Julie E. Czerneda’s Clan Chronicles books. My story “The Restaurant Trade” is included, and I’m thrilled and delighted to have a story in this fabulous book. Julie Czerneda and DAW were a joy to work with.



Time for Cakes and Ale

Last weekend I was a guest on the Time for Cakes and Ale podcast, episode 15, chatting about short fiction in the science fiction and fantasy genre. We also talked about my own writing, and the shortlisted stories for the BSFA Award. The episode is online now. Much thanks to Eeson and Becks for inviting me on. 😀

The Deep of Winter

A few positive comments on my story “The Deep of Winter” and Interzone #259 generally have appeared around the web:


The print version is available direct from TTA Press. The ebook is available widely, and from many sellers this particular issue has a lower than usual price, eg just £1.99 on amazon UK.

The Flight of the Ravens

The new paperback edition of my novella The Flight of the Ravens is available now on amazon and will roll out to other sellers in the weeks ahead.

This was put together by me, and published via CreateSpace. I’m thrilled to be able to use Charles Harbour’s fabulous cover art again. You might still find a copy of the original hardback edition if you prefer, and of course the ebooks are available too.

The Flight of the Ravens

There’s a lovely new review of The Flight of the Ravens over on Kayla’s Reads and Reviews. “I loved mostly everything about Flight of the Ravens. The plot was suspenseful. It had me turning pages, wanting to know what would happen next.”

The ebook is currently on Kindle, Nook and Kobo, with Google play and a new paperback edition on the way (I should have a release date for this very soon). The hardback is technically out of print now, although there are some copies still around (Amazon UK claim to have a copy in stock).

The World and the Stars

The World And The Stars is a forthcoming anthology of science fiction and fantasy, edited by me. The book features short stories by authors who are well-established in the genre – such as Liz Williams, Tanith Lee, Cherith Baldry – as well as a selection of exciting new voices who are just emerging onto the scene. Our Facebook page is now live, so go take a look, find out what it’s all about, and “like” us to keep an eye on all the updates coming in the weeks ahead.

The World and the Stars_banner

End of year writing and publishing summary

2014 was a year when a lot happened behind the scenes. Which is another way of saying, you didn’t get to see a lot from me. I did continue the job of bringing my first novel Any Time Now back in to print, with e-editions for Nook and Kobo e-readers and then the lovely new paperback edition. My novella The Flight of the Ravens also appeared on Nook and Kobo.

Although I’ve seen very few sales from Nook and Kobo, I made a conscious decision not to be exclusive with Amazon. Whether this experiment in self-publishing my backlist can be considered a success or not, I’m undecided at the moment. The big question is whether to now go forward and publish new material this way, or to concede that publishing is a business best left to the professionals. There are many signs now that it’s going to get a lot harder for a small e-business to succeed.

My other publishing success this year was the reprint of my story “The Animator” in The Best British Fantasy 2014 from Salt Publishing. It’s a very fine book, my own contribution notwithstanding, and if you have gift vouchers to spend in this post-Christmas period, I recommend it.

Behind the scenes, as I mentioned, I have been busy. I have a novella written and another in progress. I have a few short stories more or less completed (but not yet sent to publishers). I have a novel still “doing the rounds”. And I’m editing a short story anthology – a proper announcement on that is coming soon.

I have a feeling I’m going to be a lot more “visible” in 2015.